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Duration: 19 m 02 s
Recorded: 2018
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About the “Virtues & Vices”

While the academics are pulling their hair, arguing about the authenticity of “Virtues & Vices”, there is a general agreement that this work, if not of the master himself, comes from the Aristotelian “school”. It seems more like a definitions’ manual of virtues and vices, than something else and as such can it be put to use. Plato’s division of the Soul (in Reason, Passions and Appetites) gives the structure within which the virtues and vices are placed. The audiobook contains the whole text, the sample only the first 3 minutes of the beginning. It is recorded in reconstructed ancient Greek. Click on the play button on the left of the original Greek text for listening.


Though Aristotle doesn’t need an introduction, in case you’d like to refresh your knowledge about his life and work, you can read enough in published books, or online at websites like: Encyclopedia Britannica, Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Wikipedia, Biography.com, or elsewhere.

About the audiobook

The audiobook contains the complete, unabridged Ancient Greek text of this work. After purchase you will be able to download the zip file, containing both mp3 and m4a formats. The m4a format offers better sound quality.

You can listen to the first two paragraphs of this work, as an audio sample of the present audiobook by watching the video below. Thank you!

video sample of Aristotle's Virtues and Vices on YouTube