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Duration: 1 h 53 m
Recorded: 2019
Price : $ 51

This is the first part of the Halm collection of Aesop's Fables, consisting of the first 106 stories, in the order of the standard Teubner edition of this work. All Aesopian fables of the collection shall be published in 5 parts within 2020.
I have chosen to record the readings of this edition, since the Chambry collection (parts which I have published some years ago) needs lots of interesting but distracting philological work, wherefore I unfortunately don't have time to dedicate.
The new series, when complete totals 529 fables.

Text availability

If you don't have the fables' text at hand, you may visit Perseus (Scaife Reader) offering a beautiful presentation environment and more. Another option is the Bibliotheca Augustana, although this text contains typing errors here and there...


Extended information about Aesop you can read at Wikipedia or preferably in a real book ;-)


video sample of Aesop's Fables 1-83 on YouTube