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•  I.Spiliotopoulou  •

Duration: 1 hour
Released: 2016   (on Udemy.com)
Price : variable   (Udemy price policy)


This video course, by ms. Iphigeneia Spiliotopoulou presents information and basic exercises for those willing to acquire oral reading skills in the reconstructed Ancient Greek pronunciation.
It handles the phonemes represented by the Greek alphabetic symbols, the pronunciation of the diphthongs plus the accents and spirits that a reader will encounter on paper or screen.

The course is absolutely necessary for beginners wishing to hear and practice the way a native pronounces the letters, syllables and words according to the ancient descriptions that form the basis of our reconstruction. It's an elementary but complete course with instructions in English language, helping you to set the first steps in the realm of spoken Ancient Greek.
It can be found Udemy.com

The trailer on Youtube :

video sample of Spiliotopoulou's "Ancient Greek Phonetics"</img>q>; on YouTube