•  Prosody  tutorial  02  •

•  I.Stratakis  •

Duration: 15 m 31 s
Recorded: 2013
Price : free


This video presents the exercises accompanying the principles laid out in part-01 tutorial video.
Please try first to understand what you are supposed to do:
1) keeping the relative quantities of the syllables,
2) feeling the ensuing rhythm of the dummy and the real word,
3) pronouncing the accent (by going up with the acute, down with the grave and up-down with the circumflex). NB: when speaking the accents, try not to loose the feeling of the relative durations of the syllables!

Please repeat as often as you can, until you feel you can read the dummies or the words effortlessly.
After this, get a longer text or lexicon and try to read the single words using the learned principles.
Remember though, that reading a colon, sentence or any longer text requires more than the internal word-prosody, which is material for a later tutorial.

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