•  A First  Greek  Reader  •

•  Beresford & Douglas  •

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Duration: 1 h 46 m
Recorded: 2022
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• The book text (pdf) can be found at Archive.org.
• The video sample below presents the first series of sentences "Parthenon", as well as chapter/lesson 31 "Marathon" for comparing the pronunciation of a single sentence against the flow of a longer spoken text.
The audiobook contains both parts.
• The price for the audiobook is anything you choose, starting from US$1. (Too many students around!)

• It would help me/us to know how this kind of book/text is being used. I mean in practice, be it in a private group, self teaching, or institutional learning environment.
I would be very interested in this, in case I can provide learning materials.
You can reach me at info [at] ancientgreek.eu

On Youtube :

title of the first Greek Reader in black background