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Duration: 11 m 41 s
Recorded: 2013
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This video presents information for those aspiring to learn or improve their oral reading skills of the reconstructed Ancient Greek pronunciation, at least in the way I practice it.
It offers explanations and a "how to" for practicing the exercises of part-02.

It's in no way a complete course, but I deem both tutorials indispensable in order to improve fluency by quickly recognising word prosodic patterns in texts and been equipped with a full prosodic set, as it actually applies to every single word spoken in reconstructed Ancient Greek, even if the student doesn't use the phonetic set as I do but any of the "erasmian" variations around. (Proclitics and enclitics excluded, but these are very easy to master and are met in colon a/o sentence constructions; material for a future tutorial).

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video tutorial about Ancient Greek Prosody on YouTube



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