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Duration: 3 h 33 m
Recorded: 2023
Price : $50


W.H.D. Rouse's work "A Greek Boy at Home" is one of the best text collections for use by the student of the Ancient Greek language. They are texts of his own invention, quite a feat, succesfully imitating a spoken style, balanced and relatively easy to pronounce.

• The audiobook is released in two parts. The reason of this division is to avoid overwhelming the student with the longer texts from the very beginning, although the last text of part-01, comprised by chapters 16 to 17 in one whole, is rather lengthy. This should be a taster for what awaits in the second part.

• The second part contains many longer texts and a few short ones, making it an ideal exercise for comprehension and retention. Many of the texts are hinting to known Greek works, like Aesop's myths and "Daphnis and Chloe", though entirely composed by W.H.D. Rouse.

• The text (pdf) can be found at Archive.org and is freely available.
• Together with the vocabulary at google books

If need arises, you can reach me at info [at] ancientgreek [dot] eu


About the audiobook

audiobook Greek Boy at Home
The recording of audiobook part-2 contains the text in Ancient Greek of chapters IIXX to XLV plus all the texts in the appendix. After purchase you will be able to download the relevant audiobook in mp3 format.
NB: you're buying an audiobook, not a videobook! (although this might be coming later on as well).

You can listen to a short sample in the following video.

video sample of Rouce's "A Greek Boy at Home"</img>q>; on YouTube